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Weapons of influence

Keep on learning! Not the regular guns, but Cialdini’s ‘weapons of influence’.

Always keep learning. Let us guide you through some of the most important theories connected to #branding. Let’s go… These are the ones we use daily in our work.

Six ‘weapons of influence’ defined by Robert Cialdini, they can contribute to an individual’s propensity to be influenced by a persuader:

  • Reciprocity: People tend to return a favor. Always.

  • Commitment and consistency: People do not like to be self-contradictory. Once they commit to an idea or behavior, they are averse to changing their minds without good reason.

  • Social proof: People will be more open to things that they see others doing. For example, seeing others compost their organic waste after finishing a meal may influence the subject to do so as well.

  • Authority: People will tend to obey authority figures.

  • Liking: People are more easily swayed by people they like.

  • Scarcity: A perceived limitation of resources will generate demand.

Cialdini added a new aspect a while a go which is worthwhile mentioning: It's called Pre-Suasion and it works!

So, use the right weapons in your story to get people to say YES to your message. Have a connecting #brandstory. Consistent. Meaningful, Generating #impact. Matter. It's not rocket science.

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