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Hold your Unicorns - blog for bunq

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

Sinterklaas has arrived in The Netherlands and Christmas is coming! This is a shout out to all altruists. Pure of heart already digging deep in the dark caves of the internet to find the right gift for your loved ones. Wandering in the cold from shop to shop to find that stunning panda onesie or kick-ass pink flamingo for your charming boyfriend or girlfriend. Great things happen, when you succeed;)


And there it is online: This giant inflatable flamingo. Pinker than pink. Cuter than cute. More expensive than money in your account. Problem. It’s right there. So close and yet so far away... Aliexpress coming in. Free shipping. Easy to pay with your bunq debet mastercard. But how to crowdfund this pinkest Flamingo ever?

bunq not bank

Thank Developers we think beyond borders to help the world work better together. As bank of the free, we understand how important this pink flamingo is. To your girlfriend. Therefore we invented ‘shared request’. Too easy, a true life saver. Cause you know you have to order today, otherwise you celebrate Christmas ALONE. Outside, in the snow. Under a tree. Without Christmas lights. Crying a river.

Friends and a bank to rely on

Rely on your friends. Rely on your bank. Always. Instantly. Open thebunq app. Send out a humble money request to your best friends, using Whatsapp, straight out of the bunq app and let them know what it’s for. Of course they all comprehend the importance of this flamingo. After accepting your request, the money is in your account on the fly. Time to order true Christmas happiness for you.

Try it for free

Open your personal account at No queues. Online set within five minutes. Like magic.

Make your girlfriend happy with your bank of the free..

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1 Comment

Mar 22, 2018

Cool blog!



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